James J. Calmes and Sons, Inc. Remodeling Waverly Beach Bar

(Appleton, WI) James J. Calmes and Sons, Inc. along with its Calmes Customs division are performing a second remodel to Waverly Beach, N8770 Fire Lane 1, Menasha—this time, a complete interior remodel of the Lake Winnebago bar’s upper level.

The remodel will include a new bar, new lighting, updated flooring and improved wall treatments. The restrooms will also be refinished. Calmes was responsible for Waverly Beach’s November 2013 banquet hall remodel. “It’s been booked up [ever} since …” said Waverly Beach’s owner. After experiencing the positive effects of the lower level remodel, Waverly again contracted with Calmes to renovate the upper level with a new custom built bar and booths by Calmes Customs.

"It is very rewarding to see a business like Waverly Beach prosper and grow by investing in upgrading its property and knowing we were part of it," stated Tom Vanden Heuvel of Calmes. This remodel will complete the Waverly Beach total look, feel and functionality.

Posted on April 30, 2014 .