Building Construction Update: Wrightstown Wellness Center on Track

Wrightstown Wellness Center

Wrightstown Wellness Center

Wrightstown, Wis. - James J. Calmes & Son’s is excited to announce the Wrightstown Wellness Center is “in the dry”, meaning we have a roof over our heads and subcontractors can start interior work as early as this week. This spring, building construction began for an 8,564-square-foot addition at Wrightstown High School. “I’m so pleased because structurally we have the building framework in place, and we can start to really bring this community space to life,” said Todd Wendt, construction project manager.

Last November, taxpayers voted in favor of funding the Wrightstown Wellness Center, a comprehensive community fitness center, which will be open to the public. The two-story addition to the high school features weightlifting equipment and cardio machines on the first floor and an indoor track on the second floor. This building construction project has brought a tremendous amount of excitement to the Wrightstown community, as Tiger Nation patiently awaits the November 2017 grand opening.

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Posted on August 23, 2017 .